Avexinarious Rex (breezeflakes) wrote,
Avexinarious Rex

I'm awake. Joy to the world. *falls over dead*

And just as I try to burn Komrade's CD(s?), I realize I am without the requisite software. DUHHH. WHAT HAPPENED TO the old one I used to have!? VANISHED WITHOUT A TRACE, that's what. For the love of it all!!!

THE TRAGEDY OF RICHARD III is a good play. "Richard" reminds me of a well-worn chocolate. Blarhgh, I'd rather have vegetables, truth be told.

The more I read about Bush's WAR ON TERROR/IRAQ, the more I want to curbstomp him. I hope he gets assassinated. <--- I'M NOT SORRY I SAID IT! FREE COUNTRY

Now is the time to give academia a big hug and APPROACH CLASS.
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