Avexinarious Rex (breezeflakes) wrote,
Avexinarious Rex

Jeez, what happened to Weezer? "Dope Nose" is ridiculously dumb. It's catchy, okay, but the best word for it is VAPID. Well, looks like they sold out. No surprise there. Guess I won't be shelling out the cash for "Maladroit." What a waste, Rivers. What a waste.

I've become really enamored of this song by the Pet Shop Boys called "Always on my Mind." It's fabulous! Very 80's and very heartfelt. VERY VERY VERY. It makes me think of Maison Ikkoku. : D

Oh, and the New York Dolls are really great. I've only just started listening to them, and I already like them a lot. There's one song of theirs I especially like called "It's Too Late." : D Hoorah. OOOO, THE BASSLINE! lol and the lead singer!! ~~BUT HOW SHE EVER GONNA LOVE YOU WHEN SHE CAN'T PARLEZ-VOUS YOUR FRANCAIS?!?

Well, better be GETTING BACK to my GEOLOGY.
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