Avexinarious Rex (breezeflakes) wrote,
Avexinarious Rex

I will never understand teenagers who say "Person X and I are going to get married!" People don't understand how much things will change in the course of those resulting years. It just serves to remind me of how clueless teenagers are about everything. Person X will go off to college and meet new people. Person X will have all but forgotten you in the course of a month since s/he doesn't see you and converse with you as much. So, like, what's the point? Stop setting the course of your lives in stone when you're sixteen.

To continue with this depressing theme, I abhor people who get married and then find themselves attracted to other people. Maybe it's just human nature. Maybe I don't know anything about marriage or relationships. Maybe my standards are too high. But.... It just seems so WRONG for some fifty-year-old married man to flirt with waitresses half his age. Blegh. Just get a divorce already, you scum. There's no bloody point in marrying someone you won't end up staying in love with forever. This is 'the sanctity of marriage,' morons!!

LOL I just talked to this girl (Claire) who lives on the second floor of my dorm... she's friends with my roommate, so she comes here a lot. She saw my NMH diploma sitting on the shelf and exclaimed, YOU WENT TO NORTHFIELD MOUNT HERMON?! YES!, I said. It seems she knew a lot of the people I went to Greece with. : D I have a bunch of GREECEPICTURES on the wall, one of which contains LUKE and IAN, whom she was very surprised and overjoyed to see. : D

She went through the list of NMH people she knew, and I knew all of them. : D Finally, she mentioned Rebecca. SHE WAS MY SENIOR YEAR ROOMMATE!, I squawked, wearing a big grin. WHOA, REALLY!?!, Claire said. YEAH, I declared. : D IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL.

lol I just found this boy I used to know at NMH on LiveJournal. *wonders* We used to talk on the school's chat server a lot, but then we just stopped. lol he has such a strange concept of HTML. *fathoms*

Well, Twelfth Night will be showing quite soon. I'll have to go see it... but when?
lol, I wonder if we'll get to see the Oxfordians OFFSTAGE at any point. I envision a small clot of Brits traveling around campus, noting the scenery and buildings. *sneeze*. They'll be all too eager to soak up the EXOTIC AMERICAN CULTURE (well, not THAT exotic, since you can find a little piece of America wherever you go). But, at the same time, they'll be awkward in the way that only BRITS CAN BE. : D?

Here's a thought: "BRITS" sounds rather... grainy, doesn't it? I mean, a big bag of BRITS wouldn't be out of place at all among the big bags of BARLEY, RICE, OATS, and WHEAT. See my point? You could make a cereal out of Brits, too. CHOCOLATE FROSTED SUGAR BRITS. Hoorah.
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